Ten Years And Counting And Truer Than Ever

This book was written more than ten years ago. Its original title was Never Again Is More Than A Slogan. I had occasion to reread this book recently when thinking about the reports of sexual depredation that accompanied Muslim terror attacks in France and the suppression of the coup in Turkey. It struck me how everything I wrote about then still holds true, but even more so. And though I have changed nothing but the original title since writing the book, unfortunately Never Again has become a slogan.

The book was written in 2005, after Arafat and Abbas had unleashed their goons on Israel in a giant killing spree known as the second Intifada, but before Sharon's disengagement from Gaza had taken effect. The first part of the book recounts how the Palestinians and the wider Arab Muslim world, in word and in deed, are awash in violent Jew hatred and an implacable hostility to Israel that makes any talk of a two-state solution a pipe dream. The second part deals with the western refusal to support the Jewish state. It analyzes in particular the European penchant to favor and encourage the Palestinian cause, a position that also has a long history. The third part examines the persistent Israeli attempt, especially by the ever-growing peace camp, to search for ways of achieving peace with an enemy that does not want it. 


Since the book was written things have only got worse.  A proper reading of Israel's situation still holds the key to understanding not only the Middle East, but also modern democracy. Although I am getting good at condensing this message, the detailed evidence and the accompanying argument laid out in this book need more space that is customary for a blog or even an essay. I decided therefore to put the book for sale on my website. That way readers who think I may be exaggerating in my blogs can see that present day reality has a long shelf life, and the horror to which we are witnesses has deep roots. The interested reader will find information about the Palestinian Authority, the Arab Muslim world, Israel’s situation and the western reaction to it that puts a lot of what goes on today in perspective. Material well worth reading, especially since it will never reach the nightly news.