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The Peace Process

Three days of rage Muslims proclaimed

When Mr. Trump his statement made:

Israel's capital, he told them,

Is sure and true Jerusalem.

Were they Arab, Turk or Persian,

Even the Karachi version,

Muslims ranted, set on fire

Flag or woman, car or tire,

In ecstatic protest foaming,

In the craze of sorrow moaning,

Ready all to ride to heaven,

Kill some Jews to use as leaven;

How else could they achieve ascent,

Flee that which nothing to them meant?

Of course their friends both west and east

Were quick on Jewish blood to feast,

Quick to back empty Arab threats

How peace is now not even bets,

Forget how days, months, years before

Murder and mayhem were the lore

Of west bank tribes who solemn swear

Their honor on the guns they wear,

Who raise their kids to kill the Jews

And pay them well with western dues

That so-called friends of peace collect

To compensate trumped up neglect

Which pictures on the tv news

Help announcers their lies diffuse,

While from the schools of higher thought

Come mantras that promote such rot.

Peace is now farther than ever

Say those experts oh so clever

Who prattle on about the need

To pander to the Muslim greed

Or else, besides the hapless Jew,

They'll come and rape our women too.

Destroy our churches, swarm our streets,

Demand their rights to halal meats,

Which eagerly we do concede

To suburbs where we don't proceed,

Not police, not first responder,

Not the tourist who may wander

As they our countries do invade,

Poor refugees their hate parade,

While from St. Peter's balcony

The Pope spews out his homily

That Islam's sword means Christian peace

However much his flocks they fleece,

But then he only follows right

The leaders of the western night

Presiding our decline and fall,

Deriding those who'd build a wall

To protect the blood we have shed

So the living can trump the dead,

To defend democracy's claims

All without fear can choose their chains -

Thoughts foreign to the Muslim mind,

Which is why they've been left behind.

For centuries Islam waged war

From Spanish lands to India's shore,

Conquered, pillaged and converted

Peoples whom their gods deserted,

Destroyed their towns and scorched their fields,

Then watched the decline in their yields.

But still the caliphs taxed and played

While Europe armed and took their trade

Until one day their gilded fate

Did sink beneath their useless weight

And nothing but the mad Koran

Remained, recited to a man

In shops or mosques or brothel too

Where imams stoked the rage of rue.

New leaders now have fanned the flame

Of Muslim honor, lies and shame,

Invented as the latest chant

‘The Al-Aksa’s in danger’ rant,

Call Arab youths with knives and stones

To run amok on Jewish bones,

Though Israel's tanks restrained refuse

This Muslim bent for child abuse.

But still they come and still they hate,

Still Israel seek to liquidate,

From Ramallah to Jakarta

Raise the cry ‘greater is Allah’,

In which case it is very clear

Why they hold Jerusalem dear:

The Jews had the effrontery

To confront their own enemy,

To reclaim from centuries past

The land to which they e'er held fast,

And though they'll share it with their foes

To spite their face won't cut their nose,

Will not submit to Muslim lord

The right to hang them with a cord

In the center of the city

Young King David once did pity.

And so to those who for peace yearn

I suggest they study and learn

Some history, some Bible too,

What Muslim texts have Muslims do,

Open their eyes and use their brains

Before they flush us down the drains

So they can spout shibboleths fine

Though withered more than Pharaoh's kine.

For if it's peace that people want

In this corner of the Levant

They should back Israel to the hilt

And to the city that David built

Have their country's embassy move,

Thus to the Muslims clearly prove

Their blackmail has run out of steam,

That no one else now shares their dream

Of conquest by both blood and stealth

Of Jewish land and Jewish wealth

And for their double-dealing still

They now will have to pay the bill.

That's how peace in the end will come

As it comes to everyone

Who firmly stands for what is right,

Stands up to evil with God's light.

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