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Har Habayit: The open abscess of Israeli sovereignty

Big surprise. On this second day of Shavuot in the galut, 2017, as the soon to be extinct Christians reckon time, President Donald Trump, contrary to his electoral promise, signed the waiver stipulating that the American Embassy in Israel shall remain in Tel Aviv and not move to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. In this he was swayed, no doubt, by the policy wonks who have made every mistake the British made and more when it comes to the Middle East. That’s what comes when you combine ignorance with preening, not to mention thinking that what needs to be done with Israel is forge a peace deal with the Palestinians. What needs to be done is to eject the Palestinians from Judea and Samaria or oblige them to convert to Judaism. But people never learn from their mistakes, and certainly not the Jews. So why expect the goyim to be any different? Put not your faith in princes, wrote the prince of psalms. Open your eyes, someone else has surely said. Maybe even Donald Trump before he became president.

Of course, why should the Americans move their embassy to Jerusalem if Israel cannot exercise sovereignty over the Temple Mount? The country just celebrated Jerusalem Day, when its leaders once again claimed Jerusalem east and west is the eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish state. Yet at the heart of this eternal and undivided capital lies Jerusalem’s holiest site, that of the twice destroyed temple, where Jews are not allowed to pray and barely allowed to visit, the gangster tactics of the Islamic Trust enforced by Israeli police against Israeli citizens. What happened to freedom of religion in the Jewish democracy? Or are we waiting for a peace deal, which the Palestinians claim must include East Jerusalem as its capital, for freedom of worship to be respected at the Temple Mount?

Not much chance of that. Abbas has claimed the Palestinians need East Jerusalem as their capital so they can protect the Muslim and Christian holy places, just as they emptied Bethlehem of its Christians through extortion and intimidation. He rants about the Israelis’ attempt to Judaize Jerusalem by improving public transport in the city. He attacks their protesting the UNESCO resolution stipulating that Jews have no historic attachment to Jerusalem, history and the Koran notwithstanding. In this he is supported by the now defunct Christian Europe, whose pontiff cannot even defend the few remnants of his flock throughout Muslim lands, their fate a harbinger of what awaits the Jews should the Muslims ever get their hands on Jerusalem. The Jordanians already gave us a foretaste when they ruled the city for twenty years, desecrating Jewish synagogues and cemeteries and firing on Jews across the armistice line.

What a joke the Palestinians are, a blood-soaked society that thrives on kinship revenge, a microcosm of Syria to the north, its southern province as the PLO founder so presciently claimed. How right they are to insist on East Jerusalem as their future capital and to deny all Jewish attachment not only to the Temple Mount, but even to the Western Wall, showing thereby that the war between Jew and Arab, Israeli and Palestinian, is at heart a war between Jews and Muslims whose solution can only be biblical. Unfortunately, though the Palestinians are Amalek, Prime Minister Netanyahu is no Samuel, leading Moshe Feiglin to quit the Likud in despair. Fortunately, he did not retire to a latter-day Ramah. Instead he now heads a political party, Zehut, whose platform clearly recognizes that if the American president does not want to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the fault lies with the Jews reluctant to assert their sovereign right to the heart of the city at the heart of the land that is theirs.

Indeed, the more one watches the Middle East, the better one thinks how it would be if the Israelis could send their troops all the way to the Euphrates. Car bombings in Baghdad, humans detonating themselves in Kabul, innocent people slaughtered because Islam preaches death and submission and Muslims cannot tell the difference between their religion and its outworn dictates. How much more peaceful the region would be if Israeli troops imposed peace and quiet, no quarter given. How much better it would be if those populations were forced to convert to Judaism as the price to pay for living. After all, the Lord promised the entire land from the Euphrates to the western sea as an inheritance to the Israelites when they were still waiting to cross the Jordan. As did the League of Nations Mandate following the San Remo Treaty which ended the First World War. Promises, promises, one is tempted to say, and woe to the princes who made them and broke them.

But the freedom and life-loving Jews are too stupid to remember that, their wailing and Yizkor notwithstanding. And so are their democratic western counterparts, ready to denounce a mythical and beleaguered Right because they worship the idols of the Left. Feminists slander courageous Muslim women for consorting with the enemy because they demand freedom and reform. Queers against Israeli apartheid join hands with Muslims who would murder their own sons the day they find out they are homosexuals. Political leaders strut about as scholars in theology and proclaim Islam is a peaceful religion, blithely ignoring the facts of history they most probably never studied. After all, what is history today except a dustbin? The Jews never were in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount never existed. The Reformation never happened. The Bible was a lie circulating in the desert, superseded by the Koran. And the dogs never ate Jezebel.

On Shavuot the Jews still celebrate the giving of the Ten Commandments and the bringing of the first fruits of the first harvest to the Temple of old. Those pesky Jews who won’t go away and those Ten Commandments that remain engraved on our hearts. It is time the Ten Commandments returned home. It is time to rebuild the Temple, there where it once stood, not where Mohammed never rode a donkey to heaven, but where God spoke to Abraham and forbade him to slaughter his son. There where the West began and where only fools would have it end.

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