Freeloading off the global welfare state

Syrian doctors from Aleppo recently called on US President Obama to stop Russian air strikes on the city. It was not so long ago that another American president sent troops into a neighbor of Syria to topple a dictator and was roundly excoriated for doing so. Yet here are these doctors from Aleppo who would probably like nothing less for their country. Should America respond to their request, it is more than likely that within six months the same voices that protested the war in Iraq would be clamoring for America to exit from Syria. But then, ingratitude fuels the welfare state at home; why should it not fuel the global one as well, even if the global one is more an emergent reality than a

Sexual Depravity and Muslim Terror

A French government commission of inquiry about the Muslim terror attacks on the Bataclan Theater in Paris last November heard testimony that some of the victims had been castrated and their testicles placed in their mouths. For those who know anything about Muslim society in the Arab world, the news is hardly surprising. For those who know anything about the blindspots of western democracy, it is also not surprising that this knowledge was kept from the French people for nearly a year. It is clear that Islamic terrorists are intent on cutting off the balls not only of the people they kill, but also of those they don’t, and especially of the leaders we have elected to defend us. In that they

While Ankara burns Washington fiddles...and condemns Israel

There may or may not have been a coup in Turkey engineered by its president. It collapsed rather quickly for a coup and was followed even more quickly by the suspension of civil liberties, the arrest of more than 10,000 people, the firing of more than 60,000 civil servants including judges, policemen, school teachers and professors. The move by the president was so quick the lists must have been compiled long before the coup. Little wonder that commentators have raised the specter of the Reichstag fire in 1933 which the Nazis used to monopolize political power and start Germany on the road to totalitarian ruin. The media has been further muzzled, Erdogan’s dissenters suppressed, and reports

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